We now offer limited access into the building!  If you have no symptoms and are willing to alone wearing a mask,
you may come into the building with your pet.  We still ask that you call when you come to our parking lot, let our staff now
that you are alone and would like an in person appointment.  Dr. FernyakWe will direct you when to come in so we minimize any contact
with other clients.  Remember face mask is required at all time in the building and only one pet owner.

If you have children or other pets that you can’t leave alone in the care, we still offer the Valet Pet Appointments in the same way as
described below.  Also if you are not comfortable going in due to COVID, we welcome you with a Valet Pet Appointment.

“Valet Pet Appointments” at no extra charge to our clients, both established and new clients.

 How it works:

  • At your appointment time, when you and your pet are parked in our lot, you will call our office to let us know you have arrived for your pet’s visit.
  • Within a few minutes, your pet’s nurse will call you on your mobile phone to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health.
  • Your pet’s nurse will meet you at your vehicle, and help your pet into our hospital (Please make sure that cats are securely in their carriers and dogs have a snugly fitting collar).
  • After the examination, the doctor will call you and discuss your pet’s care. They will make sure that any questions you have are answered.  Together, you and our team will work through the services your pet needs, and we will clear the cost of those services with you.
  • After completing your pet’s tests, treatments, and vaccinations, we will return your pet to you (unless they need to remain in our care for treatment). You may pay either by sharing your payment information with our receptionist over the phone, or by paying your pet’s nurse when she reunites you with your pet.
  • We will email your receipt and any other information we have for you to the email address of your choice.

Please note that, as medical professionals, we are engaging CDC and AVMA recommended hospital and personal cleaning practices using hospital grade cleaning products. We take your health, our health, and your pet’s health very seriously.


Valet AppointmentValet Appointment