Nya M. Is This Month’s Featured Pet

This Month We Want to Recognize Nya M.

This May, our Pet of the Month is Nya! Nya is a 6 year old boxer who treats her owners’ daughter like her own and loves to shower her whole family with kisses! Nya may have started out as the quiet runt of the litter, but quickly found her voice. Even though Nya has to have everything her way, she wouldn’t want to be a movie star because she would get too nervous and does not like drama. If Nya could choose a profession, she would be a competitive eater; she has shown her goat-like skill by eating a couch, love-seat, lounge, and tennis balls, in addition to many other items. Even though Nya can be a bit of a nervous wreck sometimes, her family loves her just the way she is and would never change a thing!

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