The Winning Team

Fredrik Bengtson – Practice Manager

Fredrik is practice manager of Bear Creek Veterinary Care.

Fredrik has taken care of facility and technology at Bear Creek Veterinary Care for over 15 years and now also part time practice management since 2017. Grew up at a dairy farm with other animals like pigs, chicken, rabbits and cats. Passions for his are family, mountain biking, hiking, photography and wood working. Family member are Dr. Fernyak, son, 2 Standard Poodles and 2 Cornish Rex cats.

Kristin – Lead Veterinary Nurse

Kristin is a Colorado Springs native, who has been a part of the Bear Creek family since 2008. She has devoted the better part of her life to caring for everyone’s pets, family and strangers alike. As the Lead Veterinary Technician her mission is to ensure a level of compassion that transcends just a vet visit into an unforgettable experience that creates a trusting bond with pets and their parents. Outside of Bear Creek, Kristin enjoys celebrating the beauty of the west side or spending time with her family and fur kids. Among those fur kids are her two dogs Walter and Smeagol, two cats Wheatley and Enix, and two chinchillas Janelle and Pepper. We look forward to building upon our Bear Creek history with Kristin and all who enter through our doors.

Motto: You have to make a mess to clean a mess
De-Stress: Family, friends, food
Re-Stress: 120+ year old house problems., HGTV send help!

Maggie – Veterinary Nurse – CVT

Maggie is a Colorado native. She grew up in Penrose, Colorado and graduated from Florence High School. After high school, Maggie moved to Colorado Springs where she worked as a CNA and coffee barista. She then decided to pursue her true passion which was four legged patients instead of two. From the time she was a little girl, Maggie always loved animals. She enrolled in Pima Medical Institute and completed her veterinary assistant certificate. She then decided to go back to school to become a veterinary technician. Just recently, she completed her veterinary technician degree and is planning to take the state exam to become a certified veterinary technician in July 2017.

When Maggie isn’t at school or work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, her two year old son Landon, and her two fur babies Bailey and Bandyt.

Full Time: Wife, mother, CVT
Part Time: Photographer, toddler event coordinator, pinterest mom(50% success rate)
Fun Fact: Has drawn blood on PBR bulls and many other creatures

Ashley – Veterinary Nurse

Ashley comes to Colorado Springs from Fairbanks, Alaska, where she was born and raised. Early on in her childhood she developed a love for animals. She fulfilled that love by helping her parents take care of their sled dog team of 20 dogs, a house dog, and two cats. She started her undergraduate work in biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Eventually she considered a new path and graduated with Bachelor’s in Science in Psychology. After marrying in North Pole, Alaska, Ashley and her husband were moved to Colorado Springs for their first duty station together.

Ashley’s love for animals grew as she worked as a veterinary technician assistant at Chena Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Alaska. Given the opportunity, she desired to learn all she could about the profession. After moving to Colorado, she focused her care to her three furry kids and husband. Picking the two easiest breeds to be part of the family, her hands were full with their Jack Russell Terrier, Sage, their Beagle puppy, Winston, and their handsome cat, Tucker. She spends her free time with the family, playing soccer, fly fishing, and playing ice hockey (she did grow up in Alaska after all).

Passion: Soccer and throwing pottery
Off the clock skillset: Puck chasing, hat trick making, hockey player.
Favorite Quote: “Action speak louder than words.”

Lindsey – Veterinary Nurse

Fun Fact: Has been to the top of Pikes Peak over 200 times
Outside of Work Skillset: Cross-stitching, gardening, naming all birds that visit said garden “Jake”
Passion: Animal themed socks

Liz – Veterinary Nurse

Most Loved for: Keeping the staff fat and happy with baked goods
Super Power: Pro cat whisperer
Commonly heard when in her presence: “Is that a treat in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

Mrs. Heinz – Customer Service Representative

Theory: Has so many dogs, she might be a dog
Favorite Past Time: Inducing Vomiting
Favorite Phrases: “Leave it!”, “Get down!”, “Off the counter!” and “Don’t eat that!”

Rachael – Customer Service Representative

Full Time: Mama, Wife, Nana, Fur Mama and Friend
Part Time: Work Mama
Lover of: Sunshine, sunflower & children’s laughter
Proudest Accomplishment: The life I’ve created for my family.