Fredrik Bengtson – Practice Manager

Full Time: Husband, Hockey Dad, Fix it guy!
Part Time: Mountain biker, skier,and photographer.
Fun Fact: Grew up on a dairy farm in Sweden then became a Military Sea Captain before coming ashore in the USA.

Kristin – Lead Veterinary Nurse

Motto: You have to make a mess to clean a mess
De-Stress: Family, friends, food
Re-Stress: 120+ year old house problems., HGTV send help!

Maggie – Veterinary Nurse – CVT

Full Time: Wife, mother, CVT
Part Time: Photographer, toddler event coordinator, pinterest mom (50% success rate)
Fun Fact: Has drawn blood on PBR bulls and many other creatures

Liz – Veterinary Nurse

Most Loved for: Keeping the staff fat and happy with baked goods
Super Power: Pro cat whisperer
Commonly heard when in her presence: “Is that a treat in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

Mrs. Lindsey Heinz – Customer Service Representative

Theory: Has so many dogs, she might be a dog
Favorite Past Time: Inducing Vomiting
Favorite Phrases: “Leave it!”, “Get down!”, “Off the counter!” and “Don’t eat that!”

Rachael – Customer Service Representative

Full Time: Mama, Wife, Nana, Fur Mama and Friend
Part Time: Work Mama
Lover of: Sunshine, sunflowers, & children’s laughter
Proudest Accomplishment: The life I’ve created for my family.