Bringing your pet to the vet for yearly wellness exams is the key to helping your loved one live a long and healthy life.

One of the best things you can do for your pet is to keep him or her healthy. And one of the easiest and least expensive ways to do that is by bringing your pet in for regularly scheduled wellness examinations. Wellness examinations help us develop a complete picture of your pet’s overall health and are useful for detecting potential problems before they become difficult to treat.  Regular physical and wellness examinations allow our doctors to detect problems that, if left untreated, could become serious or life-threatening.  As part of your pet’s wellness examination, our doctors will examine the following on your pet:

  • Heart and lungs
  • Oral health
  • Hearing and vision
  • Skin and hair coat
  • Weight assessment
  • Lymph nodes, muscles and joints for any abnormality or pain
  • Look for any unusual lumps or swelling

In addition to performing a physical examination to assess your pet’s health, we will also discuss with you your pet’s vaccination needs and answer any questions you may have regarding preventative care, flea and tick control, dietary needs, heartworm tests and prevention, behavioral issues, or any other concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health.