We are unfortunately not being able to conduct house calls at this moment.

A veterinary house call can be more comfortable for your pet and more convenient for you. Bear Creek Veterinary Care’s house call service enables us to offer many of the same services performed in our veterinary hospital to be performed in the convenience of your home.

Having our doctor/tech teams come to your home decreases the fear, trauma, and stress that many pets (cats specifically) experience when removed from their home to visit a veterinary hospital. In many cases, having our doctors come to your home allows your pet(s) to be happier and much more comfortable. Additionally, our house call service is an ideal way to have multiple pets receive their veterinary care without the chaos of having to bring all of them in at once, or having to make multiple trips to a veterinarian’s office.

We only service houses within a 5 mile radius of our clinic.  In an effort to better estimate the amount of mileage (one-way) required for travel from our hospital to your location, we will use Google Maps.

We are happy to come to your home to see you and examine your pet. Please call us to schedule your pet’s house call. You will have much better chance of obtaining your first choice of date and time if you schedule your appointment at least 10 days in advance. A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of scheduling the house call.

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions regarding our house call services.