Our COVID-19 Response

In this difficult, and lets face it, crazy time, we’d like to keep you updated on how we are responding and working to keep our clients, our staff, and community safe.  Dr. Fernyak’s sister is an epidemiologist in the Bay Area, so we are getting some great advice from top notch people!  We are following any advice and mandates from government officials as well.

  • We have upped our already rigorous cleaning standards.  Hand sanitizer is at every entrance to the building and we ask anyone coming in to use it.  We are wiping off counter tops and door handles 3 times a day with disinfectant.  We are now using disposable paper towels to dry off after hand washing.  It’s less eco-friendly, but we do what we must to slow the spread.
  • For appointments, we do ask that if you are sick, please stay home.  If your pet needs medical attention, try to have a friend or family member bring them to us.  If there is no alternative and you must come, we can provide you with a mask to wear while you are here.  We have signs by the parking spots that guide you to call us from your car to begin your appointment.
  • Per recommendations, we have suspended all elective surgeries until further notice so as not to further burden the medical supplies needed to care for unwell persons.  Please contact us and our doctors will guide you with up to date information.
  • We have valet appointments to have as little contact as possible with other people.  For more information on those, please see our webpage about this.
  • Check your pet’s supplies.  We do suggest you have a 60 day supply of any food or medications they need.  We are happy to assist you with any refills, as our stock allows.  We have a new service for families feeding Hills diets we are happy to sign you up for.  Hills to Home will deliver your pet’s food right to your door!  Please call our office with any questions about that program or to get set up.

CAN I GET COVID-19 FROM MY PET??  At this time, there is no evidence to support that our pets could contract this from us, or transmit it to someone else.  There is a case in China everyone is watching closely of a couple dogs that have tested positive for the virus AFTER their owners contracted it elsewhere.  That case is developing and the dogs require further testing to know for sure.  For now, the best advice is if you become ill to have someone else care for your pets if at all possible.

We are hoping to remain open and operational as long as possible, but some things may be out of our control.  Please check our Facebook page for the most up to date information.  Stay safe, wash your hands, and be kind


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